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Upcoming Blockbuster Releases


The world of movies is full of exciting and highly anticipated releases, be it sequels to pre-existing franchises or newly thought-up stories from acclaimed directors. In this article, we will discuss some of the upcoming blockbusters that are set to come out this year and what can be expected from them.

Horror Movies

One genre that has been particularly popular in recent years is horror; with new takes on classic properties such as Candyman and A Quiet Place Part II being released in 2021 alongside original content such as The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It providing scares for moviegoers alike! Furthermore; certain entries within this genre also aim to subvert expectations by presenting fresh stories never seen before in film – making them all the more intriguing as they arrive in theatres.

Action Movies

In addition to horror movies, 2020s cinema will also feature some high-paced action films sure to get pulses racing! This includes sequels such as F9 (the latest installment in The Fast & Furious franchise) and No Time To Die (the 25th James Bond entry) bringing back much-loved characters alongside new talent joining their respective series. Moreover; original properties like Dune and The Suicide Squad provide even more options for those looking for some explosive thrills!

Animated Films

For family-friendly entertainment; animated movies have always been a safer bet as most titles generally tend to avoid any form of mature themes or excessive violence; meaning parents need not worry about subject matter deemed inappropriate for young ones too much. This year’s lineup definitely contains several great picks for this market – most notably Raya And The Last Dragon which features stunningly detailed visuals intertwined within its traditional narrative structures. Additionally; other titles like Monster Hunter (based on Cap com’s horror-action video game series) provides visually pleasing alternative choices if desired.


All in all, this year’s slate is certainly impressive in terms of variety available whether one resides within a country that has reopened its cinemas or waiting patiently at home until restrictions lift – providing options for everyone regardless of the situation! Thus, no matter where one may be residing right now – there are still plenty of fun theatrical experiences awaiting us all over the horizon!

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